Call for Abstracts: Arctic Yearbook 2013

Call for Abstracts (deadline): 15 February 2013 (250-400 words)

Draft papers (deadline): 15 June 2013 (4000-6000 words)

The Arctic Yearbook, which was launched in November 2012 is calling for abstracts for submissions to the 2013 edition.

The Arctic Yearbook is an international and peer-reviewed volume which focuses on issues of regional geopolitics and security, broadly defined. The Arctic Yearbook is a joint initiative of the Northern Research Forum (NRF) and the UArctic Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security.

This year’s theme is “The Arctic of Regions vs. the Globalized Arctic”. This theme is meant to evaluate the Arctic both as a collection of sub-regional forums and associations, such as the Northern Forum, the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, the Nordic Council, the Inuit Circumpolar Council and others, and how they affect larger processes of regionalization and Arctic politics; and the Arctic as a distinct actor in an increasingly globalized world.

Other topics of contemporary significance to circumpolar relations, geopolitics and security are also welcomed, including (but not limited

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  • Kirkenes II: 20 years of Barents Euro-Arctic cooperation
  • Appraisal of the Swedish Arctic Council chairmanship and thebKiruna Ministerial meeting
  • Expectations for the Canadian Arctic Council chairmanship
  • Regional cooperation in marine oil pollution preparedness and response
  • The Arctic Ocean Review and ecosystem-based management
  • The IMO Polar Code
  • Fisheries
  • Resource development and northern communities
  • Extractive industries, resource exploration and state/TNCs relations
  • Institutionalization of the Arctic Council
  • Regionalization of bilateral/multilateral military exercises


Abstracts should be 250-400 words and include author name(s), institutional affiliation and article title, to be submitted to heather.exner [at] usask [dot] ca.

The deadline for abstracts is February 15, 2013. Notice of acceptance will be provided on March 1, 2013. Articles must be submitted by June 15. Expected publication is November 2013.