New Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University

The Arctic is an area of great interest. Climate change, environment, oil and gas exploitation, security policies, ecological systems, and the social conditions of people are all of great importance. With the establishment of Arcum ­ Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University research will take an improved responsibility for meeting the challenges of a sustainable development vision.

The opening ceremony of Arcum took place in Umeå Wednesday December 12, with scientific lectures and policy presentations including the International Polar Year Programme Officer David Carlson, the prominent environment researcher Bob Corell, the distinguished health researcher Kue T. Young, the director at the Polar Research Secretariat Björn Dahlbäck, Sámi youth representative Ylva Maria Pavval, and researchers from Umeå University.

Additional events were arranged in connection to the opening ceremony: the international workshop Ageing & Arctic Change, the IASC workshop Between Discourses and Modernities: Histories and Methodologies of Arctic Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts, the establishment of a Swedish Association for Arctic Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, and an Arctic Human Development Report Town Hall Meeting.