Planning for PhD Program in Arctic Health at Oulu

Successful workshop on new Arctic Health and Well-being PhD program held in Oulu

Wed, Aug 29, 2012

The first planning workshop for the new PhD program on Arctic Health and Well-being was held in Oulu, Finland on August 23 -24, 2012. Workshop participants shared their currently available education on the Arctic health and discussed topics for courses to be jointly developed for summer and winter schools. Partners also discussed the possibility of creating a joint degree as a gradual next step in the process.

The participants included many partners from UArctic member universities: Alberta and Manitoba in Canada, Alaska Anchorage, Akureyri in Iceland, Aarhus in Denmark, Umeå in Sweden, Tromsø in Norway and Universities of Lapland and Oulu. As important as university partners are the research institutes: Abisko Scientific Research Station in Sweden and Finnish Meteorological Institute and National Health Service in Greenland and Sámisoster in Finland.

An immediate outcome will be a winter school to be held at the Abisko Scientific Research Station in May 2013. The group also developed four ideas for completely new courses on the following topics: Participatory research methods, The role of international law and human rights, Data handling of small populations and History of the Arctic including ethical issues. These topics will be developed further, using new information coming out of on-going projects such as the Arctic Human Development Report II.

For more information contact project lead Kirsi Latola, Thule Institute, University of Oulu